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Chana reads from Swimming in the Rain on Voetica: Spoken Poetry

Interviews and Videos

SF JCC presents “A Celebration of Yehuda Amichai,” with Robert Alter, Hana Amichai, Emanuella Amichai, Chana Bloch & Chana Kronfeld (December 7, 2015).   

Marin Poetry Center presents Chana Bloch and Maria Hummel at Falkirk Cultural Center in San Rafael, CA (April 16, 2015).        

Albany Library presents “Chana and Her Students”  (March 10, 2015).


"Chana Bloch’s Swimming In The Rain: Writing A Woman’s Life."
Interview by Wendy Barker in Persimmon Tree, spring 2015.
Read the interview.

"A Micro-Conversation with Chana Bloch"
Q&A with Natalie Shapero, Associate Editor, Kenyon Review, February 2015.
KR: Your poem “Inside Out” appears in the January/February 2015 issue of the Kenyon Review. Could you tell us a little about it? What was your original impetus for writing it? How does it differ from your other work?
CB: I wrote “Inside Out” the day I showed up for a crucial scan and was told, “Come back tomorrow. The scanner is broken. . . .”
Read the rest of the interview.

"The Poet on the Poem: Chana Bloch"
Q&A about “Happiness Research” with Diane Lockward. Blogalicious: Notes on Poetry, Poets, and Books” (January 28, 2015).
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"The Poem Begins to Shape You: An Award-Winning Poet
Talks About Art as Nourishment"

Interview by Carol Dorf in Talking Writing, December 17, 2014.
Read the interview.

"Chana Bloch Remembers the Amazing Mark O’Brien"
Walter Skold on Vimeo.

POETRY FOR PEACE: Naomi Shihab Nye & Chana Bloch Palestinian-American poet Naomi Shihab Nye and Jewish-American poet Chana Bloch read from their poetry and translations. Both poets draw upon their heritage in their work, and both see peace as essential.


"Questions of Faith: Dianne Bilyak interviews Chana Bloch"
Poetry Society of America (February 2012). Read the interview.


Getting the News” in Extraordinary Rendition: American Writers on Palestine, ed. Ru Freeman (New York and London: OR Books, 2015), pp. 75-84. 

"How Long Does It Take?" - about starting and "finishing" poems. Literary Matters, March 2013. 

“My Sessions with Mark,” about Mark O’Brien, subject of The Sessions. Poetry Foundation website, Feb. 20, 2013.

“Between Parent and Child: The Uses of the Past,” about the poem “Conduit” (Aperture.) Beloit Poetry Journal Poet’s Forum, December 1, 2012.


Two broadsides of "Happiness Research," a linocut and a collograph, designed and illustrated by Luz Marina Ruiz and Rob Borges, signed and numbered by Chana Bloch, are available for purchase from the Mills College Book Art Program. Contact for information.