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Dahlia Ravikovitch
A Dress of Fire

New York: Sheep Meadow Press, 1978.
Translation Award,
Columbia University Translation Center.

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"Miss Ravikovitch's poems have been beautifully refashioned by Chana Bloch, herself an accomplished poet, into English verse strong in diction, nice in idiom, taut in rhythm. . . Many of these poems read almost as well as Mrs. Bloch's versions as they do in the Hebrew." -- Robert Alter, The New York Times Book Review

"[Ravikovitch's] poetry deals overwhelmingly with extreme states of personal life: desolation, loss, estrangement, breakdown. Landscape, history, the Bible, and best of all, a caustic mother wit: all figure behind the shaken self. [Ravikovitch] is a poet of wit, severe and costly, and this saves her, at least in the poems. Her language bristles with sharpness. To read these poems is to see the whole world pressed into one imperiled being, and then, through the calming maneuvers of the imagination, to watch that being glide past its own squalor and smallness." -- Irving Howe, The New Republic